Financial Aid


EAC Scholarships

Eastern Arizona College has several types of scholarships available. The priority deadline for submission of scholarship applications is March 1. Those applications submitted after this date will only be considered to the extent of available funds. Scholarships are primarily awarded on the basis of academic excellence, performance in a particular area, or financial need. Both new and returning full-time students may be eligible for scholarships.

In order to be considered for scholarships, you must be admitted to Eastern Arizona College. The scholarship application must be submitted through your Gila Hank Account by March 1. Log in to your Gila Hank account and click the ''Money'' link to locate and complete the on-line scholarship application. In order to be considered complete, we must receive the following:

  • A copy of your high school or college transcript

  • Personal Essay (1 page: include your college & career goals, service or extracurricular activities and a statement about how scholarship will help you attend EAC)

  • Two letters of recommendation

These documents should be uploaded in your Gila Hank account.

Gila Hank screenshot

Documents can also be mailed or delivered in person to:

Eastern Arizona College
Attn: Admissions and Scholarship Office
615 N. Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, AZ 85552

Athletic scholarships may be awarded to prospective or returning athletes. Applications are made directly to the Athletic Department. All athletic scholarships are determined by the Athletic Department coaching staff. Please contact the EAC coaches directly:

Baseball, Coach Bagnall (928)428-8414
Football, Coach O'Mera (928)428-8414
Men's Basketball, Coach Leitzke (928)428-8414
Softball, Coach McCluskey (928)428-8414
Volleyball, Coach Kay (928)428-8414
Women's Basketball, Coach McAdams (928)428-8414
Men's Golf, Coach Davis (928)428-8414
Women's Tennis, Coach Seale (928)428-8414

The Scholarship Office has, as a matter of official policy, the right and obligation to discontinue any award made by or through the College upon receipt of verified evidence that a recipient of such an award has, either on the campus or in the community, demonstrated citizenship incompatible with standards of the College. This policy applies to all varieties of aid, as well as to academic, music, athletic, or special scholarships.


Private Scholarships

The following links are to private scholarship applications that are funded by groups or organizations that provide scholarships specifically to students attending Eastern Arizona College.

Arizona Community Foundation

The ACF administers hundreds of scholarships including some intended specifically for Eastern Arizona College students. Students may apply for all ACF scholarships with one online application at


Scam Alert

Students and parents are often in desperate need of financial resources to help pay for college, making them likely targets for scholarship scams. A wave of advertising has swept the nation and even the local area with offers to find scholarships . . . for a fee. Some of these companies are legitimate, but many are rip-offs. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Application fees:If there is a fee, even an innocuously low fee of $2 or $5, it is probably a scam.
  • Masquerading as a federal agency: Many companies will adopt names like "National Science Federation", or "National Science Program" to sound more legitimate.
  • Guarantees: Any guarantee that you will "win a scholarship" or that they "will refund your money if you don't get a scholarship" is probably a scam.
  • Outlandish claims: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't be fooled by claims that "There are billions of dollars going unclaimed because no one has applied".

    Rather than subjecting yourself to an expensive and possibly futile process, the Financial Aid Office recommends one of the searches listed above.