Changing Lives - Kyle James

Kyle JamesSt. Johns, Arizona native Kyle James is a semester away from earning his Bachelor's degree in political science, and he credits Eastern Arizona College as the launch pad on his educational journey.

James, 23, is now a senior at Southern Virginia University, but his education started with EAC, where he earned an Associate degree in political science. He received his degree with the class of 2018, though he technically graduated in December 2017.

James said EAC also gave him his first “real” job, as a work study student in the Thatcher campus library, and that he loved every minute of it.

“I have always been fascinated by government, history and international relations, and a degree in political science seemed to work perfectly for my interests,” James said, adding that he has dreamed since the 5th grade of being an attorney.

For James, enrolling at EAC was an easy choice because of its four Ps: programs, professors, people and price. “Where else in Arizona, or the United States, for that matter, can you knock out 60+ credits for little or no cost?” he said.

Since graduating from EAC, James has been a summer intern at the White House. As he nears his Bachelor's degree at SVU, he is working part-time at a local grocery store.

“I use what I learned at EAC every day. I look at arguments objectively, write daily and weigh the costs and benefits of life. All of these bedrock skills and mindsets were instilled in me at EAC, and I hope to continue to build upon them,” James said.

James remembered learning the value of hard work through one EAC professor's high standards. “She expected perfection from our class. I was intimidated by her knowledge and rigorous course load, but I gave it my all and finished the class with an A. I will always remember that hard work beats almost anything else.”

James highly recommends EAC for anyone seeking quality, debt-free education that provides a jump start toward their secondary and post-secondary learning. He summed up its benefits in six words: “Small classes. No debt. No worries.”

James' advice for those with big dreams was to always take a shot at achieving them.

“I had no idea that I would ever be qualified enough to be a White House intern. I took a chance and applied, and sure enough, I got in,” he said. “Whatever you dream, no matter how impossible it may seem, if you take a chance and work harder than you ever have before, you will succeed.”

Kyle James at Whitehouse
Kyle James (back row, right end), stands with U.S. President Donald Trump and other White House interns.